The ‘Rice Purity Test,’ more commonly known as the Innocence Test, is a significant aspect of our culture. This tool allows individuals to reflect on their ‘innocence’ by considering a wide variety of life experiences. The test, a classic since 1924, isn’t a strict scientific measure but serves as a personal mirror reflecting our choices and moral viewpoints. With its unique scoring system from 0 to 100, it has gained popularity for self-reflection.

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What Is Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test, dating back to the 1920s, is a voluntary self-assessment tool consisting of a hundred questions. Initially employed by Rice University, Houston students, it encompasses many personal experiences related to relationships, societal standards, and beyond. This informal tool aims to measure an individual’s perceived innocence or purity based on their responses. It’s crucial to clarify that the test doesn’t officially encapsulate the principles or educational ethos of Rice University. However, over the years, it has gained considerable traction among young individuals as a means of self-exploration and social comparison.

What Do the Results of the Rice Purity Test Mean?

Take The Rice Purity Test quantifies a person’s experiences that hint towards their innocence or purity. The score, derived from questions examining their interactions with alcohol, drugs, and intimate relations, indicates their perceived innocence. Achieving a high score points toward a new character, often considered the personification of innocence. Conversely, a lower score might suggest the individual’s exposure to activities traditionally seen as less virtuous or inappropriate.

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With a score ranging between 0 to 100, if you’ve scored 75 or above, you fall into the “high purity” category, whereas a score of 60-75 is deemed average. Scores under 60 hints towards extensive life experiences. Nevertheless, this test should be viewed as a reflective exercise, not a determinant of one’s worth.

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100 to 98Congratulations on your impressive achievement of attaining a top score in the Rice Purity Test – it’s something to be proud of. You have achieved the highest level of purity. It means you are an example to everyone, and your behavior is far above reproach. You have most likely not been exposed to or participated in activities that are considered immoral or inappropriate.
97 to 90Your score is still high, showing that you lead a relatively pure life. You have likely not been exposed to or participated in activities that are considered immoral or inappropriate. Still, you may have engaged in more mild behavior, such as flirting or light drinking.
89 to 80Your average score may indicate that you have participated in inappropriate activities such as drinking, using drugs, or engaging in sexual activity. You may also have been exposed to forms of entertainment that contain objectionable content. You might even have engaged in socially inappropriate behavior’s like lying or cheating. It’s critical to keep in mind that while not all of these behaviors are strictly evil, they can nonetheless have unfavorable effects if carried out in excess.
79 to 70Your score indicates that you have likely engaged in more strenuous activities considered morally questionable. You may also be exposed to forms of entertainment that contain more explicit content than what is appropriate for your age.
Below 70Your score indicates that you engage in highly concerning behaviors, which could suggest a deeper underlying issue. You may be engaging in activities such as drug and alcohol use or participating in questionable behavior that could have consequences for your future. You are likely exposed to entertainment containing explicit content that would not be appropriate for someone your age. If this is the case, it is essential to seek help from a professional who can help you understand why you may be engaging in these activities and how to make better decisions.

How Does it Work?

The Rice Purity Test bridges the gap between fresher and elders, cultivating a nurturing college life filled with emotional connections. Queries such as Have you ever cheated? Or Are you familiar with marijuana? Push boundaries while aiming to help them gain a profound understanding of who they are.

It is meant to be a fun and light-hearted activity between friends, helping them to get to know each other better. In this sense, it provides an invaluable opportunity for personal growth. Moreover, it can bring together students who may need to learn the similarities between them.

At the same time, it is essential to understand that this test can also be used to discriminate and make judgmental statements about individuals. That said, it could be beneficial for college students to think twice before taking the Test, as it could become an avenue for humiliation or alienation. It is essential to comprehend its impacts before taking it, so you can be fully prepared for whatever outcome may follow.

The Following Elements Make Up the Test:

This test will evaluate how well you understand the risks associated with teenage activities. It will ask questions about your attitude towards certain behaviors, such as smoking and drinking, drug use etc., as well as your understanding of the potential consequences of these activities. The goal is to assess whether or not you are making informed decisions and if you need additional guidance in making better decisions. Appraise your awareness of the potential dangers of actions and discover how to reduce any hazards. Test yourself through a series of questions highlighting your knowledge of risk management.

The test will include questions about various topics, such as:

Rule Infraction

This test plays a crucial role in highlighting any unsafe or high-risk behaviors you may be engaging in. It’s a tool to understand potential risks and offers guidance on reforming such actions.

Physical Reality

Grasping the tangible consequences of high-risk activities is pivotal. The test assists in unearthing potential stumbling blocks and offers insights into protecting yourself from them. In addition, it encourages proactive actions toward a secure future.


Your perspective towards risk-taking is also assessed in the test. It gauges how you weigh the potential fallout of such activities. The test also guides you in making smarter choices and cultivating healthier habits in the future.

Love and Relationships

The test probes how you interact with those around you. It gauges how your relationships and perceptions of others affect your risk-taking decisions, specifically assessing the influence of strong relationship bonds on decision-making.

Unhealthy Addiction

The test investigates any unhealthy dependencies you may harbor, like substance abuse or compulsive gambling. Such addictions can escalate your risk-taking tendencies, and the test can offer insights into overcoming these addictive behaviors.


Your unique personality traits are evaluated to understand their impact on risk-taking. It might reveal if you are an independent decision-maker or more influenced by peer behavior, giving you a better understanding of your predisposition towards risk.

Emotional Responses

The test also identifies emotional triggers that may heighten your likelihood to take risks. By recognizing the emotions and situations that push you towards risky decisions, you can better manage these impulses and make informed choices.

Social Interaction

Insights into social interactions also form part of this assessment. It might reveal whether you are prone to risk-taking in a group or prefer making independent decisions. This can be vital in understanding your risk-taking approach and formulating suitable management strategies.

Stress and Anxiety

The test examines how stress and anxiety influence risk tolerance. You might take more significant risks during overwhelming situations, hoping for relief. Understanding this dynamic can help you recognize and develop better-coping mechanisms when stress or anxiety influences your decisions.

Social Environment

The people you interact with can also affect your risk tolerance. If the people around you express an environment of risk-taking, you might be more likely to take risks yourself. Conversely, if those around you demonstrate a cautious approach to making decisions, that could lead to a less risky. Being mindful of the people you associate with, and their attitudes toward risk can be valuable when managing risk tolerance.


In the pursuit of long-term objectives, embracing a higher degree of risk can be sensible, as there’s typically more time for the repercussions of that risk to unfold. Conversely, when it comes to short-term goals, where the luxury of time isn’t on your side, and immediate returns are necessary, adopting a more cautious approach with minimal risks is a prudent strategy.

Boys’ Rice Purity Test:

The Boys’ Rice Purity Test presents a unique avenue for young men to gauge their moral innocence. Comprised of a set of 100 questions, it focuses specifically on the male experience, exploring areas like romantic involvements and college activities. By participating, individuals get an understanding of their own ‘rice purity.’

Participants respond with a simple “YES” or “NO” to the inquiries. Post completion, a purity score is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100, with zero indicating lesser innocence and a hundred representing the height of purity. Unraveling this purity score can be seen as a transformative journey of self-discovery, an adventure worth embarking upon.

Rice Purity Test

Girls’ Rice Purity Test

The Girls’ Rice Purity Test serves as a tool to measure the innocence of young women. This 100-question survey, often dubbed the ‘Innocence Test,’ delves into personal experiences, helping participants realize their purity levels.

The questionnaire is filled with questions about a girl’s personal journey, potentially revealing secrets that were once hidden. These questions touch upon college life experiences for young women. The completion of these queries results in a purity score that sheds light on personal experiences.

What is the average Rice Purity score by country?

Country% of VisitorsAvg. Score
?? Argentina0.61%57.4
?? France0.67%57.9
?? South Africa0.57%59.2
?? Spain0.60%59.3
?? Russia0.61%59.2
?? Mexico0.74%60.1
?? Canada3.20%61.0
?? Brazil0.95%63.2
?? New Zealand0.74%63.3
?? Netherlands0.43%63.7
?? United States54.21%63.9
?? Australia2.26%64.3
?? Italy1.76%65.4
?? Ireland1.82%65.6
?? United Kingdom18.69%65.7
?? Israel0.40%65.9
?? Germany0.94%66.3
?? Japan0.56%66.6

TikTok’s Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test for TikTok puts a modern spin on the traditional test. With the immense popularity of the test, social media platforms like TikTok have crafted their versions, modified to mirror current societal norms and issues.

Unlike the original, the TikTok version has a simplified format, asking only ten questions. Participants start with all ten fingers raised, each question answered with an activity experienced leads to a finger being put down. The remaining fingers tally up the final score, with a low count hinting at an adventurous nature.

This online version has been designed for today’s tech-savvy youth, eliminating the need to download TikTok. All the inquiries are tailored to scrutinize the genuine experiences of the contemporary young generation.

What is the average Rice Purity score by age?

GroupAvg. Score
18- *91.12
18 ~ 24 F89.24
18 ~ 24 M87.36
25 ~ 34 F79.68
25 ~ 34 M74.05
35 ~ 44 F71.11
35 ~ 44 M71.03
45 ~ 54 F67.19
45 ~ 54 M62.83
55 ~ 64 F66.22
55 ~ 64 M61.12
65+ F65.39
65+ M58.33

Bottom Line

The Rice Purity Test serves as an anonymous self-evaluation tool designed to gauge a person’s perceived ‘purity’ or innocence. This score not only offers an insight into the personal evolution through various life experiences but also acts as an intriguing conversation starter among friends, family, and acquaintances. The exercise of taking this test can be enlightening, providing a unique perspective on personal growth since one’s younger years.

Embarking on a journey of self-reflection and uncovering previously unexplored areas can be an enriching experience. The Rice Purity Test quiz can also facilitate engaging conversations about topics that might otherwise be difficult to broach. This non-judgmental method allows for introspection, challenging one’s beliefs while reflecting on life’s changes or constants.

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