200+ Hilarious Cousin Wedding Captions for Instagram

You’ve been chosen as a member of the wedding party for your cousin’s big day! Whether a bridesmaid or groomsmen, ring bearer or reader, it’s customary in the social media age to commemorate the event on Instagram. Finding the perfect caption to celebrate the couple while sharing your unique bond is key!

This guide offers over 200 cousin wedding caption ideas spanning funny, sweet and charming messages. We included one-liners, wedding puns and quotes befitting every relationship from siblings to childhood besties.

Tailor captions based on your exact connection as first cousins, cousins by marriage or even distant relatives. Document special moments like the bachelorette party, getting ready the morning of and wedding reception shenanigans. Share how far you go back, favorite memories growing up and hopes for their future together with a top-notch Instagram caption.

Funny Cousin Wedding Captions

Don’t take the big day too seriously with playful captions highlighting your humor and ability to roast one another even at formal events!

Hilarious Cousin Wedding Captions For Instagram

Funny Captions for Sister and Female Bond

  • Maid of honor to the bride, soul sister for life! Cheers to your journey ahead! ?
  • From awkward family photos to coordinating bridesmaid gowns, we do it all in style! ?‍♀️
  • Keeping each other’s secrets since ‘92! Even at your own wedding apparently… ???‍♀️
  • “Sisters: Because who else will join me in my weirdness?”
  • “When your sister steals your clothes, but you secretly steal her snacks.”
  • “Sisterhood: Where being crazy together is a bonding ritual.”
  • “Sisters: partners in crime and sharers of embarrassing secrets.”
  • “The only thing better than a sister is a sister with chocolate.”
  • “Sisters by blood, partners in crime, and accomplices in laughter.”
  • “Sisters: the best therapists you can get without an appointment.”
  • “We might fight like cats and dogs, but deep down, we’re purr-fectly bonded.”
  • “Sisters: Because you can’t spell ‘fun’ without ‘u’ and ‘n.'”
  • “Behind every great sister is another great sister rolling her eyes.”
  • “Sisters: the only people you can get mad at for a short period because you have important stuff to tell them.”
  • “Sisterhood: where time doesn’t exist when you’re too busy laughing together.”
  • “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”
  • “Sisters: Masters of the art of borrowing and never returning.”
  • “Life was boring until I got a sister. Now it’s like a comedy show every day.”
  • “Sisters are like flowers in the garden of life – annoyingly beautiful!”
  • “Sisters: the only people who know how crazy you are and still love you.”
  • “Sisters may drive you crazy, but they are also the ones who keep you sane.”
  • “When life gets tough, my sister always reminds me that I’m tougher.”
  • “Sisters: Because you can’t choose your family, but you can choose to laugh with them.”

Humorous Captions for Cousin/Brother Dynamic

  • To the groom: “I warned her how insane our family is!” ?
  • “Brother from another mother… and cousin from another dozen ?? #DynamicDuo”
  • “When your cousin is also your bro, life’s a constant comedy show ??? #CousinGoals”
  • “Cousin by blood, brother by choice. Our dynamic? 50% sarcasm, 50% laughter, 100% awesome ???”
  • “Cousins: the upgraded version of brothers, with an extra dose of craziness ?? #DoubleTrouble”
  • “Brotherly love + cousin camaraderie = Epic adventures and endless laughter ?????”
  • “Cousins: the built-in best friends who also happen to share your genes ?? #FamilyFun”
  • “When your cousin is your bro, and your bro is your cousin – it’s a win-win bromance! ???”
  • “Cousins who goof off together, stay together! ??‍♂️ #DynamicDuo”
  • “Brotherhood + cousinhood = Non-stop banter and epic memories ?????”
  • “Cousins: Because normal brothers are just too mainstream ?? #CrazyCombo”
  • “Life’s too short to be serious when you have a cousin-brother cracking jokes all the time! ??‍?”
  • “Cousins are like siblings you get to choose, and I chose a hilarious one! ?? #BestChoiceEver”
  • “Brotherly love + cousin chaos = the perfect recipe for a wild ride! ??”
  • “Cousins: the only ones allowed to tease you mercilessly and still be your favorite people ??‍?”
  • “When your cousin is your brother, every day is a sitcom episode waiting to happen! ??”
  • “Cousin-Bro dynamic: More laughs, less sanity ?? #CrazyCombo”
  • “Brotherhood amplified by cousinhood equals double the trouble and twice the fun! ???”
  • “Cousins who share genes and jokes – the ultimate dynamic duo! ?? #GeneticallyHilarious”
  • “Life’s a rollercoaster, and I’m glad my cousin is riding it with me, even if he’s screaming louder! ??”
  • “Cousins make the best brothers – they know all your secrets and still love you like crazy! ?❤️?‍?”

Funny Captions Poking Fun at You or Couple

  • Here for the open bar and Dagwood sandwiches, staying for my cousin’s vows to his child bride! ?‍♀️?
  • They do make a darling couple…even if she still wets the bed and he sucks his thumb! ??
  • “When bae takes forever to reply, so you start planning your wedding with someone else ???‍♂️? #CommitmentIssues”
  • “Trying to take a cute couple selfie: Expectation ? vs. Reality ?? #PhotoFail”
  • “When you finally make dinner together, but it looks more like a crime scene than a meal ??️‍♀️? #CookingChaos”
  • “Date night plans: Netflix and chill, but mostly just chillin’ ??? #LazyLove”
  • “That moment you realize you and bae are both equally bad at directions ?️?‍♂️?‍♀️ #LostLove”
  • “When you try to be romantic, but the dog keeps interrupting the moment ?❤️?‍♂️ #PetProblems”
  • “Relationship status: Eating pizza together and calling it a date night ?❤️? #PizzaIsLove”
  • “Trying to impress bae with your dance moves, but looking more like a malfunctioning robot ??? #DanceFail”
  • “When you promise to share the last piece of cake but end up eating it yourself ??? #SweetBetrayal”
  • “Attempting to take a cute couple photo, but one of you blinks, and the other looks possessed ??? #PhotogenicFail”
  • “Relationships are all about compromise: I pick the movie, and you agree. Simple. ??? #MovieNight”
  • “When you try to be romantic, but you accidentally break something expensive ??? #ClumsyLove”
  • “Matching outfits because we’re that couple… and we didn’t plan it at all. ?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♂️ #UnintentionalTwinning”
  • “Me: I’m on a diet. Also me: Eats a whole pizza with bae ?❤️? #FoodieCouples”
  • “Relationships are like Wi-Fi. Sometimes it’s strong, and other times you’re just praying it reconnects. ??? #ConnectionIssues”
  • “Trying to take a serious couple photo, but one of you can’t stop laughing ??? #LaughterIsLove”
  • “When bae says they’ll be ready in 5 minutes, but it’s been an hour ??‍♂️?‍♀️ #FashionablyLate”
  • “Being in a relationship is like having a best friend who doesn’t remember anything you say. ??‍♂️?‍♀️ #SelectiveListening”
  • “The only exercise we do together is running late. ?‍♂️?‍♀️⏰ #FashionablyFit”
  • “Planning a romantic getaway but ending up lost because someone refused to ask for directions ?️?‍♀️?‍♂️ #LostLove”

Humorous Wedding Party Captions

  • Surviving bridesmaid duties together one last time before I disown you! ?
  • To my partner in bridesmaid crimes and matching dresses! All the tears today will be happy ones. ?
  • Escorting my stunning cousin down the aisle before she books it! ?‍♀️?
  • “Bridesmaid duty: Turning dreams into memes. ??”
  • “Groomsmen: Because every superhero needs a sidekick. ?‍♂️?”
  • “Dress fittings and champagne sippin’ – bridesmaid life. ??”
  • “When the wedding cake is the real MVP. ??”
  • “Bridezilla? More like Bride-chilla with an extra shot of espresso. ☕?”
  • “Groomsmen: We clean up nicely, but don’t ask us to tie a bow tie. ?‍♂️?️”
  • “Bridesmaids: Because ‘professional wedding attendee’ isn’t a job, but it should be. ??”
  • “Dancing like everyone’s watching, but mostly just hoping not to trip. ??”
  • “Marrying my best friend, but the cake is a close second. ?❤️”
  • “Bridal squad on point, like emojis in a text. ???”
  • “Groomsmen: the unsung heroes of wedding day shenanigans. ??”
  • “When your wedding hashtag game is as strong as your love. #ForeverAndAlways ?”
  • “Bridesmaids: Because who else will fix the train and hold the snacks? ??”
  • “Dancing into happily ever after like nobody’s business. ??”
  • “Groomsmen: Because it takes a village to tie the perfect knot. ??‍♂️”
  • “Bride’s checklist: Dress ✔️ Smile ✔️ Emergency snacks ✔️?”
  • “Maid of Honor: part-time therapist, full-time party starter. ??”
  • “Groomsmen: We clean up well, but our dance moves are debatable. ??”
  • “When your wedding vows include a promise to share the last slice of pizza. ?❤️”
  • “Bridal squad goals: Slay the aisle and the dance floor. ???”

Sweet Cousin Wedding Captions

Of course, remind the newlyweds how perfectly suited they are with loving captions displaying your unwavering support!

Sweet Captions for Cousins as Siblings

Cousins truly share one of the deepest bonds as unofficial brothers and sisters you get to choose. Showcase the enduring connection!

  • From childhood besties to bridesmaid and maid of honor! Love you like the sister I got to select! ?
  • Couldn’t dream up a better friend than my sister by blood or marriage! So happy for you! ?
  • “Cousins by chance, siblings by choice. ?❤️”
  • “We didn’t choose to be cousins, but we chose to be family. ??‍?‍?”
  • “Cousins are the friends that destiny gave us. ??”
  • “Side by side or miles apart, cousins like us stay close to the heart. ??”
  • “Cousins: born together, friends forever. ??‍?‍?‍?”
  • “Family by blood, friends by choice – that’s us! ?‍?‍?‍?❤️”
  • “Cousins are the perfect blend of childhood playmates and lifelong friends. ??”
  • “Cousin squad: where the fun never ends! ??‍♂️”
  • “Being cousins means you’re stuck with me for life – lucky you! ??”
  • “Cousins: the ones who know all your family secrets and still love you. ??”
  • “Cousin love is like a favorite song – it never gets old. ??”
  • “Cousins are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life. ??‍?‍?”
  • “Distance means so little when someone means so much. Cousins forever! ??”
  • “Our family tree may have different branches, but our roots are the same. ??‍?‍?”
  • “Cousins: partners in crime and sharers of good times. ?️‍♀️?”
  • “Cousins are like stars – you may not always see them, but you know they’re always there. ✨?”
  • “Cousins: making memories that last a lifetime. ?❤️”
  • “Life is better with cousins – it’s a fact! ??‍?‍?‍?”
  • “Having a cousin is like having a built-in best friend for life. ??”
  • “Cousins are connected heart to heart, distance and time can’t break us apart. ?

Heartfelt Cousin Relationship Captions

Whether reunited best friends or constant confidants – express what their friendship means through your years of history together!

  • Can’t believe my childhood bride-to-be pen pal is all grown up! Cheers Jess! ?
  • Blessed to stand beside my lifelong role model on her big day! ??
  • Countless summer hangs to lifelong wedding guest! Love you cuz! ?‍♀️
  • “Cousins by chance, friends by choice. ?❤️”
  • “Through thick and thin, cousins forever win! ??”
  • “Cousins are like stars; you may not always see them, but you know they’re always there. ✨?”
  • “Family is where life begins, and cousins are the sprinkles on this sweet journey. ?❤️”
  • “Cousins: the perfect blend of childhood playmates and forever friends. ???”
  • “Distance means so little when family means so much. ?❤️ #CousinConnection”
  • “Cousins are the keys to our hearts, unlocking laughter, love, and lifelong memories. ?️?”
  • “Being cousins is like being born into a lifelong slumber party. ??”
  • “Cousins are those rare jewels of childhood that become treasured gems of adulthood. ??”
  • “Blessed with a cousin bond that’s unbreakable and a love that’s unstoppable. ?❤️”
  • “Cousins are the compass that guides us through the journey of family life. ??‍?‍?”
  • “In the story of life, cousins add the plot twists that make it more interesting. ??”
  • “Cousins are the friends you’ve had since birth and the ones you’ll have forever. ???”
  • “No family tree is complete without the branches of cousinhood. ??”
  • “Cousins: the best kind of therapy money can’t buy. ?‍♀️?‍♂️❤️”
  • “Cousins are the stitches in the fabric of our childhood, holding memories together. ??‍?‍?”
  • “With cousins, every gathering becomes a family reunion and every moment is a celebration. ??‍?‍?‍?”
  • “Cousins are like a box of chocolates: sweet, diverse, and impossible to resist. ?❤️”
  • “To have a cousin is to have a partner in crime and a confidant in joy and sorrow. ??”
  • “Cousins: the constant in the chaos, the calm in the storm. ⚓❤️”

Loving New Family Captions

Welcome new in-laws with open arms and throw in some light-hearted playfulness!

  • “Blessed with a new family, and it feels like a heart emoji explosion every day. ??‍?‍?‍?”
  • “Our family tree has a new branch, and it’s blooming with love. ?❤️”
  • “Joined a new squad, and the love is as strong as the heart emojis we send each other. ??”
  • “New family, same love, endless heart emojis. ?❤️?‍?‍?‍?”
  • “Family: where life begins and love never ends. ?❤️”
  • “Blending families but keeping the love pure and strong. ?‍?‍?❤️”
  • “A new chapter, a new family, and a lot of heart emojis to express the joy. ?❤️”
  • “In our family, we laugh a little louder, hug a little tighter, and emoji our love even bigger. ??❤️”
  • “Hearts full, home full, and emojis overflowing with love. ?❤️”
  • “New family, same love story, different chapter. ❤️?‍?‍?‍?”
  • “Creating a family filled with love, laughter, and heart emojis. ?❤️”
  • “Our family is like a patchwork quilt, stitched together with love and sealed with heart emojis. ?❤️”
  • “Embracing the journey with our new family, one heart emoji at a time. ??‍?‍?‍?”
  • “Love knows no boundaries, and neither do our family emojis. ?❤️”
  • “New family adventures ahead, with a suitcase full of love and an emoji for every moment. ?❤️”
  • “From ‘I’ to ‘We’ in our family, because together is where the heart is. ?❤️”
  • “The more, the merrier – especially when it comes to family love and heart emojis. ?❤️”
  • “Our family: where you can be yourself and still be loved with open arms and heart emojis. ?❤️”
  • “New family, old traditions, and an abundance of heart emojis to celebrate it all. ?❤️”
  • “Love multiplied by family equals an infinite number of heart emojis. ➕❤️”

Long Standing Cousin Relationship Captions

Celebrate exactly how far back your shared history reaches, whether childhood neighbors or holiday dinner regulars!

Captions Noting Years Known

  • Twenty years in the making! So happy my childhood bestie found her perfect match! ?
  • Here’s to growing from infants in diapers to husband and wife! Love you both so much! ???

Captions Highlighting Shared Upbringing

  • From wading pools to wedded bliss! Couldn’t be more ecstatic for my favorite summertime roomie! ☀️
  • Making trouble since ‘92! Still lighting up my life as radiant bride Jess! ?

Captions for Regular Holiday Gatherings

  • Known you since our first gingerbread disaster! Many burnt creations later you’re a blushing bride! ?
  • Twenty Thanksgivings strong and now celebrating new beginnings together! ?

Cousin Relationship Inspired Wedding Captions

Nail the specific how and why you two hit it off so spectacularly in any of these personalized cousin captions!

Captions for Similar Interests and Passions

  • Fangirling over boybands since ‘97! So happy you found your real life duet partner Jess! ?
  • From ogling teen heartthrobs to real wedding bells! So happy for you girl! ❤️

Captions for Personality Matches

  • No one handles my sass quite like you cuz! So thrilled you found your perfect funny man! ?
  • The yin to your yang, pie to your ice cream! So glad Jess gives you balance Liam! ☯️

Captions for Mutual Understandings

  • To more secret languages and knowing looks only we understand! ?
  • Beyond grateful I’ll always have someone to talk trilogy theories with for life! ?‍♂️ So happy for you both! ????‍♀️

Cousin Bachelorette Party Captions

Make some lasting social media memories toasting the bride’s last night out as a single lady with cheeky bachelorette captions!

Funny Bachelorette Captions

  • Last fling before the ring! Bottoms up ladies! ??
  • What happens at the bachelorette party might end up on Instagram! ?
  • Getting trashed with my favorite smash! One last crazy night before vows Jess! ?

Classy Bach Party Captions

  • Sipping classy cocktails with my stunning cousin before she says I do! ??
  • Toasting my role model’s journey to marriage with my ride or dies! ???

Cousin Wedding Reception Captions

Let the whole internet know what an absolute blast the wedding celebrations are with Insta captions devoted to your dance floor fouls and champagne toasts!

Funny Wedding Reception Captions

  • Busting moves and vases on the dancefloor! ?? Whoops!
  • Taking “party hard” to the next level with the bride and fam! ?
  • Note to photographers: Do not put solo dancefloor pics on the highlights reel! ?‍♀️

Heartfelt Reception Captions

  • From twirling on the dancefloor to lifelong dance partners! So honored to share this journey with you both! ??
  • May your smiles shine brighter with each passing year together! ?

Additional Wedding Instagram Captions

Round out this extensive list of cousin wedding captions with additional options spanning proposal praise, wedding puns and wishes for marital bliss!

Grateful Engagement Captions

  • So thrilled my childhood confidant said yes! Welcome to the crew sis! ?
  • Beyond grateful my closest cousin found his perfect person to share life’s blessings and burdens with! ??

Wedding Pun Captions

  • Congrats to the pear, couple of my dreams! ?
  • Toasting a berry special couple on their big day! ?

Wedding Wishes Captions

  • Wishing a lifetime of laughter, patience and passion as you embark on marriage together! ?
  • May each year only strengthen your friendship, understanding and intimacy! ?

Concluding Thoughts on Cousin Wedding Captions

Having a close cousin get married allows you to play a special role celebrating their big day surrounded by loved ones. As a member of the wedding party or guest, craft the perfect Instagram caption conveying your sincere well wishes while inserting some personality! Reminisce over past memories growing up together and funny inside jokes or simply congratulate the ideal couple they’ve become!

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